Ready to Eliminate CPSR Findings in Price Analysis, Commercial Item Determinations, and Source Justifications?


Have a CPSR coming up in the next 12 months?

Implementing SpendLogic is a fast and effective CPSR compliance solution.  Price Analysis, Source Justifications, and Commercial Item Determinations will improve the first day you start using the SpendLogic.

Have you had past findings that you need to remediate?

SpendLogic provides a systematic approach to documenting price, commmerciality, and source.  This is exactly what the DCMA wants to see from companies that have had CPSR findings in one or more of these areas.  Avoid withholds, or if you’re already subject to them, let us help you remove them and improve company cash flow.

We’ve created a set of responses to common DCMA, DCAA, and Contracting Officer price analysis findings.  Click to download.


SpendLogic was built from the ground-up with the Federal Acquisition Regulations in mind.  It’s designed specifically for use by anyone in government contracting, including government employees, prime contractors, and subcontractors.

Integrate with your existing systems.

SpendLogic is built with integration in mind.  On it’s own, SpendLogic is the most powerful price analysis automation tool available.  By tying in with P2P, ERP, or other back-end systems, employees avoid double-inputs and your entire purchase history can be made available for advanced analysis techniques

Stand-alone or Integrated, SpendLogic immediately improves compliance and productivity.

Always up to date with the latest industry trends.

Don’t wait for your next CPSR to discover that your price analysis process needs to be updated.  SpendLogic is always up to date with industry trends.  Stop guessing what makes a CPSR compliant price analysis and start doing it.

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CPSR-Related Resources

If you’re looking for help getting through an upcoming CPSR, or in responding to findings from a past CPSR, we can help.  Let us know what you need.

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