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#1 choice for standardizing procurement compliance related to price analysis, non-competitive source justifications, and commercial item determinations.

Think of SpendLogic as

TurboTax for Procurement Documents

SpendLogic is the go-to choice for…

Prime Contractors

Primes breeze through initial and follow-on Procurement System Reviews (CPSRs) using SpendLogic


Get a leg up on the competition by providing compliant proposals to Primes

Federal Agencies

Share access to data across the organization using our secure COTS solution.


Fix your company’s biggest CPSR problem areas.

  • Eliminate “history on history” findings
  • Data-supported source justifications
  • Built-in rates and factor calculator for services analysis
  • Commercial item determinations based on DCMA CIG guidance
  • Compliant and auditable “other than low price” competitions


A few of the companies that have chosen SpendLogic:


D.M., Procurement Compliance

“SpendLogic results in compliant price analysis reports.  If it’s created in SpendLogic, it takes far less time to review and/or correct.”

K.K., Supplier Manager

“I wish we would have had SpendLogic when I was a new buyer.  It would have made it much easier to get up to speed.

K.J., Procurement Manager

“I’m moving to a new company and after using SpendLogic for two years, this is the first change I will introduce in my new role.”

Work from anywhere…a major shift for government contractors!

Like never before, federal contractors are embracing remote work due to world events.  How has the transition been for your company?

SpendLogic provides company-wide access to Price Analysis, Source Justification, and Commercial Item Determination tools and documentation regardless of where you happen to be sitting.  Secured with FedRamp-certified AWS GovCloud, SpendLogic meets or exceeds the strictest of data protection requirements.

Price Analysis and Commercial Item Determinations:  Topping the list of compliance nuisances

We’ve been in government contracting for almost 20 years, working with top defense contractors in the U.S. Across countless companies, we have seen first-hand the challenges that buyers and sellers face.

From single- and sole-source procurement challenges, to massive project delays and compliance issues, we developed SpendLogic to make your work easier.  

CPSR compliant price analysis reports.  Every time.

The #1 finding in CPSRs is inadequate or inconsistent price analysis. Contractors often respond by introducing new forms or templates, increasing training, or growing their Compliance team.  SpendLogic is more effective, cheaper, and sustainable in creating CPSR compliant price analysis reports.


SpendLogic was built from the ground-up with the Federal Acquisition Regulations in mind.  It’s designed specifically for use by anyone in government contracting, including government employees, prime contractors, and subcontractors.

We solved the “hard stuff” problem…

Most of the industry struggles with sole source price analysis.  SpendLogic figured this out – we connect buyers and sellers so that a fact-based FAR-compliant price analysis can be completed.

…and we make the “easy stuff” easier.

SpendLogic applies a “TurboTax-like” approach to competitive, historical, market comparable, parametric, published price list, and even “similar-to,” price analysis reports.

Reuse existing reports.

Forget fumbling through folders, spreadsheets, and documents.  With SpendLogic, reusing and updating existing reports is easy!  Escalation, quantity calculations, and reports are updated automatically.  Let’s see your Word templates do that!

Always up to date with the latest industry trends.

Don’t wait for your next CPSR to discover that your price analysis process needs to be updated.  SpendLogic is always up to date with industry trends.  Stop guessing what makes a CPSR compliant price analysis and start doing it.

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