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SpendLogic tools automate and streamline procurement documentation for federal agencies and contractors subject to Contractor Purchasing System Reviews (CPSRs).

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Prime Contractors

Primes breeze through initial and follow-on Contractor Procurement System Reviews (CPSRs) using SpendLogic. Our platform integrates seamlessly with existing systems, policies, and procedures to eliminate duplicate workflows and add value.


Companies that are on a growth trajectory to their first CPSR benefit from the full suite of compliance tools SpendLogic offers.  We can get your systems ready faster than any other solution in the market.  Also, subs get a leg up on the competition by providing compliant proposals to Primes, complete with FAR-compliant supporting documentation.

Federal Agencies

The FedRamp version of SpendLogic allows government agencies to save time with procurement report automation.  Share access to data across the organization using our secure COTS solution.  Agency-specific customization is available.  Avoid award disputes and IG findings by implementing SpendLogic.

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