Source Justifications: one of the top DCMA findings in CPSRs. Avoid it with SpendLogic!

Avoid one of the most common CPSR findings companies are facing today.

SpendLogic solves the most common source justification findings by focusing on the roadmap laid out by the Federal Acquisition Regulations.

Citing duplication of cost? SpendLogic solidifies your case with automated calculations.

Too often, companies cite “duplication of cost” as the reason competition isn’t possible. However, the support for this is typically SEVERELY lacking. CPSR auditors jump on this every time.

SpendLogic solves this issue by basing support on how the costs relate to unit prices. In a nutshell, SpendLogic spells out the case when the cost of competing can’t be supported with a reasonable amount of negotiated savings.

And since it’s SpendLogic, you already know that calcuations and reports are automated.

Track which parts or services require non-competitive source justifications.

Having adequate reports is only half the battle. To continuously improve, federal contractors need to reduce the instances in which non-competitive source justifications are required.

SpendLogic allows companies to review which parts and services require justifications. That way, work-arounds can be implemented for follow-on procurements.

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