Source Justifications: 

a top CPSR finding area. Avoid it with SpendLogic!

Avoid one of the most common CPSR findings companies are facing today.

Companies typically receive CPSR findings in this area because of inadequate/subjective rationale. 

SpendLogic solves this by adding objective rationale and documentation.  Our built-in guidance ensures that the method cited can be adequately supported with data.  If the data is unavailable, you’re directed toward a better methodology!

Track and remedy design-related source justifications.

Having adequate reports is only half the battle. If the DCMA finds that design-related issues frequently lead to source justifications, CPSR findings, as well as additional business system reviews, are likely.

SpendLogic addresses this by highlighting these types of source justifications right on the dashboard.  That way, you’ll be ready for the DCMA and work-arounds can be implemented for follow-on procurements.

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