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SpendLogic reduces the time spent on documentation by up to 90%!

Create procurement documentation…FAST!

There’s no faster way to create compliant procurement documentation than with SpendLogic.

Documentation requirements are color-coded, allowing at-a-glance determinations of what work needs to be done.  Furthermore, when SpendLogic is integrated with existing systems, information is automatically entered into documentation, eliminating the need for multiple inputs.   

Compliant documents, every time.

FAR-Compliant procurement documentation takes time to complete.  This introduces compliance risk because smart employees will always find faster ways to work.  Often, that means cutting corners.

SpendLogic automates the most tedious parts of the process and ensures that reports are always maintained in a CPSR-ready state.

Fully customizable to meet your company’s unique requirements.

SpendLogic’s Documentation Folders module allows your company to set up rules for what documentation is required based on your company’s unique needs.  We can help you set the system up so that it mirrors the checklist that you’re currently using.

Compliance is built-in.

SpendLogic only displays requirements that apply to the procurement being worked on.  That means that if it doesn’t apply, the buyer/supplier manager won’t see it.

Furthermore, by using stoplight color coding, a single glance is all that is needed to know what documentation is still required.  This eliminates the several rounds of dialogue with Compliance.

Always CPSR ready.

When it’s time for a CPSR, SpendLogic’s Documentation Folders have a CPSR module that allows you to specify the files in your review universe and then provide time-bound electronic file access to reviewers.  This allows your company to easily segregate and review files prior to the CPSR.  When the review is complete, SpendLogic automatically rescinds DCMA access.

Currently, the industry uses a mix of PDF checklists and SharePoint sites to maintain compliance in their procurement documentation folders. The mix leads to confusion among users, lack of documentation uniformity, and difficulty in conducting compliance reviews. Our documentation folder module combines checklists and folders into one easy-to-use format. When requirements change, it impacts everyone uniformly. Compliance reviews are simplified. Confusion among employees is eliminated.

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