Audit ready documentation folders every time.  Reduce time spent by up to 90%!

Create procurement documentation…FAST!

There’s no faster way to create, store, and share compliant procurement documentation than with SpendLogic.

Documentation blocks are color-coded, allowing at-a-glance determinations of what work needs to be done.  Each block includes everything procurement professionals need to get the job done:  an explanation of the requirement, templates, input/upload capabilities, and compliance review objectives.

Compliant documents, every time.

FAR-Compliant procurement documentation takes time to complete. This introduces compliance risk because smart employees will always find faster ways to work. Often, that means cutting corners.

SpendLogic automates the most tedious parts of the process and ensures that reports are always maintained in a CPSR-ready state.  It’s flexible to allow advanced analysis techniques while still enforcing compliance requirements. 

Fully customizable to meet your company’s unique requirements.

SpendLogic’s Documentation Folders module allows your company to set up rules for what documentation is required based on your company’s unique needs. We will help you set the system up so that it mirrors the checklist that you’re currently using.

Additionally, as the FAR is updated, SpendLogic will work with you to ensure that your documentation requirements are updated as well.


Reduce compliance review efforts.

SpendLogic’s FastTrack system records first-pass Compliance scores.  Employees that meet score requirements are then randomly spot-checked instead of reviewed every time, significantly reducing management and compliance team efforts.

In addition, SpendLogic tracks the most common errors, so you know which findings are common and require additional team-wide training.

Built-in CPSR module.

When it’s time for a CPSR, SpendLogic’s CPSR module allows you to specify the files in your review universe and provide timed file access to reviewers.  You can even determine which folders to provide access to, eliminating the need to sanitize internal memos.

Ahead of the DCMA’s visit, your team can easily segregate, review, and correct files prior to the CPSR. 

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