Now ANYONE can create FAR-Compliant cost analysis reports.

This is a game changer.

In the past, successfully conducting a cost analysis has required individuals with specialized knowledge and YEARS of experience.  Large companies have specific teams for this task, while smaller companies typically hire outside professionals.  We should know, because we’ve been doing it ourselves for over twenty years.

A month of SpendLogic access costs less than a single hour of consulting time.  Trained consultants will create reports in half the time.  Math errors are virtually eliminated.  Technical evaluations and Requests for Information are integrated and tracked.

Cost Analysis will never be the same.  (And that’s a good thing.)

Step-by-step guidance 

When faced with a supplier proposal, just knowing what questions to ask is half the battle.  SpendLogic’s intuitive interface leads you through the thought process required for conducting an analysis. 

When you run into a question you can’t answer, on-screen RFI creation and submittal tools transmit questions directly to your supplier.

Automated rate analysis.

Analyzing rates is typically the trickiest part of a cost analysis.  Until now, that is.  SpendLogic now enables anyone to create an indirect rate set based on a supplier’s trial balance.  Pools and bases are automatically populated to calculate rates.

Furthermore, SpendLogic’s built-in analysis tools will highlight accounts that are potentially unallowable, saving valuable review time.

Forecasting tools automate future rate sets and generate fully documented basis of estimate explanations.

Routing workflows come


Often times, analysts find that they need to obtain input from engineering, program management, or other functions within the company.  Requesting the right data and tracking responses becomes a full-time job in and of itself.

SpendLogic solves this with built-in workflows and tracking tools.  Whether you’re submitting RFI’s to suppliers, requesting technical evaluations from engineers, or assigning a portion of the analysis to a peer, it’s all possible right inside SpendLogic.

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