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Services Analysis

The GAO has consistently stated that GSA rates should not be relied upon for the purposes of price analysis.  The problem is that there really isn’t any other source that has comparable rates.

Until now.  SpendLogic solves this problem by providing labor rates that are localized by MSA (Metropolitan Statistical Area).  Escalation, overheads, profit, education, experience, and work location are all shown and broken out separately.

Analysis of services has never been easier.

GAO consistently rates competitions as high risk.  Part of the problem is the amount of subjectivity involved in the process.  SpendLogic removes subjectivity and provides traceability of all calculations and scoring criteria.

Standardized Competition Results

CIDs and PARs (PRDs) in One Place

Stop searching through documentation to determine whether a commercial item determination (CID) has been filed for an item.  SpendLogic stores CIDs alongside price analysis reports (PARs/PRDs) in a single location.  Enter the part number, copy the existing report, refresh the data, and you’re done!

SpendLogic puts all the data needed for follow-on procurements right at your fingertips.  Write your next PAR/PRD in five minutes or less!  SpendLogic will help you update delivery dates and quantities then run calculations for escalation and quantity corrections automatically.  As soon as you make updates, it’s made available to everyone in your Command.

Share Reports Across Your Command

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