Introducing: The world’s first automated Commercial Item Determination tool

The pressure to “get it right” is higher than ever.

In 2018, the DCMA created the Commercial Item Group to take responsibility for all commercial item determinations. It’s all they do, day in and day out, and now they’re being included in CPSRs. Even if you pass a CO’s review, you could be at risk down the road unless you have a systematic approach such as the one SpendLogic applies.

Copy and reuse reports from across your team.

Write follow-on buy reports in five minutes or less.

SpendLogic provides access to all of your company’s commercial item determinations – copying a report is as simple as clicking a button.

Get back to focusing on
what’s really important.

Compliance reviews attempt to be as objective as possible, but typically there’s a lot of subjectivity involved. One reviewer rejects a report that another reviewer would accept.

SpendLogic ends this game of “Compliance Roulette.” You’re provided guidance throughout the process so that your report will pass Compliance the first time through, regardless of who reviews it.

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