Buyers and Supplier Managers tell us

“It’s like TurboTax for procurement documentation.”

Simple and effective.

Create procurement documentation…FAST!

Let’s face it, creating CPSR-compliant documentation for your purchase orders can be a drag.  It’s manual, time-consuming, and for what!?

You deserve SpendLogic!  There’s no faster way to create, store, and share compliant procurement documentation.  Automated calculations and report generation take the pain out of documentation so you can focus on what’s important.  Documentation folders, cost and price analysis, source justifications, commercial item determinations, and more!

Create labor rate price analysis reports in minutes!

By integrating Bureau of Labor Statistics data, SpendLogic automates work that is typically manual and time-consuming.  Built-in markup factors, based on the same data used by the DCMA’s Commercial Item Group, streamline the analysis process while ensuring CPSR compliance.  Try SpendLogic once and you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it.

Copy and reuse existing documentation from across your team.

Why start from scratch every time?  Easily search, copy, and edit what’s already been done.  

SpendLogic provides access to all of your company’s procurement documentation  – copying and editing existing documentation is as simple as a few clicks!  Calculations automatically update to match your changes, so your reports are always compliant!

Take the mystery out of peer, compliance, and management reviews.

Internal reviews attempt to be as objective as possible, but it’s easier said than done. How many times has one reviewer rejected a report that another reviewer would accept?

SpendLogic ends this game of “Review Roulette.” You’re provided guidance and objective checkpoints throughout the process so that your report will pass reviews the first time through, regardless of who it’s sent to.

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