We help Small Businesses grow and obtain procurement system approval

Whether your company is preparing for its first CPSR or hopes to get there one day, there’s no simpler way to start preparing than to use SpendLogic.  Here’s a basic roadmap:

    • Implement SpendFile’s documentation checklists and folders (Start with public law documentation and grow requirements over time)
    • Implement/modify policies and procedures to align with SpendLogic’s documentation requirements
    • When the time is right, expand to subscribe SpendLogic’s price analysis, source justification, and commercial item/service modules
    • Turn on workflows and distribute work packages among various functions in your company
    • Turn on the CPSR Reporting module to help prepare for your first CPSR

It’s never too early to start implementing industry best practices.  We have affordable options for all size businesses.  Let us help you get there.

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