Finally, a DCMA-accepted solution to analyzing labor rates.

Accepted by the DCMA.

If you’re using GSA as a comparison for labor rates, get ready for a finding in your CPSR. The DCMA won’t go for it.

That’s where SpendLogic comes in handy. We provide an acceptable alternative to GSA that is based on the government’s own data. As always, we automate all the calculations for you, so you’re assured an accurate result, every time.

CPSR compliant price analysis reports. Every time.

The DCMA’s own Commercial Item Group has adopted the same method of analysis that SpendLogic is using. There’s no clearer case to be made for whether or not SpendLogic will be accepted in a CPSR.


A common complaint by the DCMA is that contractors have no basis for determining whether rates are being compared to apples-to-apples source data.

SpendLogic bases comparisons on years of experience and education level. So, regardless of differences in titles across the industry, rates can be compared accurately.

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