Finally, a DCMA-accepted solution to analyzing labor rates.

CPSR compliant, every time.

If you’re using GSA or CALC for labor rate analysis reports, chances are, you’ll receive a finding in your next CPSR.

SpendLogic solves this problem with our rate analysis toolset.  We’ve integrated Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) data with IRS and Census data to develop a lightning-fast rate analysis module. There is no faster CPSR-compliant labor rate analysis method. 

And speaking of CPSR-compliant, every one of our clients have passed their CPSRs since 2016. See what SpendLogic can do for you today!

Create a labor rate report in five minutes or less.

By integrating Bureau of Labor Statistics data, SpendLogic automates work that is typically manual and time-consuming.  Built-in markup factors, based on the same data used by the DCMA’s Commercial Item Group, streamline the analysis process while ensuring CPSR compliance.  Try SpendLogic once and you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it.


A common complaint by the DCMA is that contractors do not provide an acceptable basis for determining whether rates are comparable to source data.

SpendLogic compares rates based on years of experience and education level. So, regardless of differences in titles across the industry, the price analysis is accurate and fully supported with the appropriate references and citations.  

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