Sellers use SpendLogic to expedite the price analysis process and enter negotiations knowing both sides have accurate facts.

Establish a level playing field for negotiations.

Ever been offered a ridiculously low price with little or no rationale?

You’re not alone. SpendLogic puts you on a level playing field by giving you the leverage that you need to have meaningful pricing discussions with buyers.

Copy and reuse past data submittals.

Why is it that you have to answer the same question from multiple Buyers in a company?

Buyers don’t always have time to research past awards to get the relevant facts and data. SpendLogic enables you to work around inefficiencies such as this by making it easy to store, copy, and update the reports you create. Let them ask. The answer is just a click away.

Significantly reduce the time
between proposal and award.

The very things that make your product or service unique can also serve to move your purchase contract to the bottom of the priority list.

When a Buyer is faced with a particularly difficult price analysis, it often (consciously or subconsciously) gets moved to the bottom of the pile. By providing a SpendLogic report with your proposal, you never face that fate. You are giving the Buyer a running-start by providing relevant facts and data right up front.

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