Standardized price analysis. Automated, FAR-Compliant, and Fast.

Automate your

FAR-Compliant procurement documentation takes time to complete. This introduces compliance risk because smart employees will always find faster ways to work. Often, that means cutting corners.

SpendLogic automates the most tedious parts of the process and ensures that reports are always maintained in a CPSR-ready state.

Reuse past reports
for follow-on buys.

When your buyers conduct a price analysis, how easy is it to find prior reports for reuse?

It’s a built-in step in SpendLogic. Every time a part number is added to a SpendLogic report, the system checks for existing reports and provides the opportunity to modify and reuse it. No need to reinvent the wheel.

Competitive or
we handle it all.

SpendLogic was built based on the Federal Acquisition Regulations. That means we support all of the analysis methods mentioned in the FAR. Low price competition, best value competition, prior price history, market comparables, parametric, published price…it’s all there!

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