SpendLogic helps mid-size businesses take the pain out of daily documentation.

As a mid-size business, you’ve likely already had your first CPSR and are well aware of your strengths and weaknesses.  You have policies and procedures, but perhaps the requirements have become increasingly burdensome over time.  It’s difficult to keep up with regulatory changes and no matter how much training you provide, it seems like the same mistakes are made time and again.

SpendLogic can help.  If you have set policies and procedures, we will review them with you and determine whether there are CPSR-compliant simplifications to be made.  Our system will conform to your existing practices so that you realize incremental improvements, not just change for change’s sake. 

Build compliance into daily documentation – our documentation modules include “guardrails” that help employees document their packages with compliance in mind.  SpendLogic helps them “tell the story” in a way that auditors can follow and accept.

Turn on only what you need – SpendLogic and SpendFile are modular systems, so if you don’t have a need for particular piece, we can simply turn it off.  If you want to add something down the road, it’s as simple as flipping a switch.

Once we understand your business’s unique situation, we can help you define a path that’s right for where your company is at.

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