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SpendLogic collects and posts various industry news articles that affect CPSRs and related documentation.

FAPIIS has transitioned to

Effective December 12, 2022, the integration of the Federal Awardee Performance and Integrity Information System (FAPIIS) with was completed

Common Price Analysis Audit Findings & Responses

A compilation of common CPSR, contract negotiation, and contracting officer review findings related to Price Analysis. Included here are sample responses for companies to use in responding to these findings.

CPSR Guidebook – September 2021

This is the latest CPSR guidebook, released September 10, 2021.

Federal Appeals Court upholds decision that Army did not meet requirement of utilizing commercial items “to maximum extent practicable.”

This article, reprinted from Federal News Radio, explains the significance of this first-of-its-kind case.

GSA Federal Travel Regulations Updated for FY2019
Proposed Rule FAR-2017-0006-0001: Exception from Certified Cost or Pricing Data Requirements – Adequate Competition

This article is related to the proposed rule change which modifies the definition of “adequate competition” in the FAR for the DoD, NASA, and Coast Guard.

Reducing Acquisition Lead Time by Eliminating Inefficiencies Associated with Cost or Pricing Data Submissions After Price Agreement (“Sweep Data”)

This memo from Shay Assad sets forth a requirement for sweeps to be completed within five business days of price agreement.

Truthful Cost or Pricing Data, Class Deviation for $2M

This memo changes the Certification threshold to $2M until the FAR can be modified.

Audit Alert on Requirement for Prime Contractor Cost and Price Analyses

This DCAA audit alert relaxes the agency’s prior position that a proposal is considered “inadequate” if cost and price analysis are not included in proposal submissions.

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