• Cost and Price Analysis:  We conduct cost and/or price analysis and document price reasonableness at a standard that will satisfy any Prime Contractor or Government Agency, including Contracting Officers, the DCMA, and DCAA.
  • Commercial Item Determinations:  With all the changes happening related to Commercial Items and the inclusion of DCMA’s Commercial Item Group in CPSRs, there’s a lot at stake with commercial item assertions and determinations.  We have the expertise to ensure yours are accepted.  We can do it for you, provide tools and templates, or train your team on how to do it themselves.  Whatever works best for you.
  • Training:  We have pre-built training courses that can be dialed up or down to meet your needs.
  • Full Procurement Documentation Services:  We handle the full range of procurement services from RFP to completion of price negotiations and everything in-between.  The client then places the purchase order and manages the resulting contract.
  • Subcontractor Audits:  Our former DCAA auditors are experts in everything from business system audits to incurred costs to basic system adequacy for contracting.
  • Proposal Preparation:  Cost Analysis and Proposal Preparation are two sides of the same coin.  Proposals that we’ve determined adequate will withstand any cost analysis, be it from a Prime or a Government Agency.  We help clients with format, cost allocation, accounting system adequacy, commercial item assertions, and everything in-between.
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