As a manager, you’re stretched thin. 

SpendLogic improves employee documentation

to reduce reviews and rework.

Sole source, non-competitive procurements causing your team issues? We have a solution for that.

Dozens of companies offer databases full of purchase history data. Very little of this ends up being useful in price analysis due to part number, nomenclature, and product variant differences. SpendLogic facilitates data sharing between buyers and sellers, minimizing efforts on both sides of the table.

Fully integrated into your existing systems.

SpendLogic was built with integration in mind.

From a process perspective, SpendLogic can be modified to fit the way your employees work today. From a tehnical perspective, our API infrastructure connects with your existing systems, including SAP and CostPoint.

Less time spent on price analysis means more time for value-add efforts.

When employees are trying to write reports just to satisfy auditors, they’re missing the point and wasting time. SpendLogic provides a structured approach, reducing time spent on price analysis and allowing employees to reallocate those hours on cost and schedule improvement.

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