Large enterprises will realize benefits starting on Day One.

Large government prime contractors, particularly those with approved procurement systems, will immediately recognize the savings that SpendLogic is capable of generating.

– Standardize work product across geographies – If your workforce is geographically dispersed, it’s likely that each geography has slightly different requirements related to procurement documentation.  But why?  The top-level requirements don’t differ, yet work product isn’t standardized.  The difference often lies in the fact that growth is often a result of mergers and acquisitions.

SpendLogic standardizes the methods used as well as the output produced, so procurement documentation can be exchanged throughout the organization.  In addition, all documentation lives in one place, so finding aggregating, and reusing documents is quick and easy, regardless of your location.

– Streamline documentation reviews – SpendLogic’s built-in compliance modules enable in-tool peer, management, and compliance reviews.  Request, track, and receive comments and review checklists without ever leaving the SpendLogic screen.

– Use only what you need –  SpendLogic is a modular system, so you can pick and choose what portions of the system you want to utilize.  Already have a documentation filing system and don’t need SpendFile?  No problem, you can choose the SpendLogic report generation modules that fit you best.

– Integrate with your existing systems – We have the ability to integrate with your ERP system to pull the relevant data and further speed up the documentation process.  For example, if your price history lives in Oracle, why would you want Procurement Agents to have to flip between screens during a price analysis?  We can avoid this by pulling data directly into SpendLogic, automating adjustments to price based on quantity and date.

This is just one example – while not required, the integration options are limited only by our clients’ imagination and desire. 

Please reach out to us for a demo – we will listen to your business’s unique needs and help define a solution that is right for you.

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