Subcontract Cost Analysis

SpendLogic Analysis Services provides on-demand cost and price analysis support. This is where we got our start as a company – we know cost and price analysis better than anybody. We conduct subcontract cost and price analysis on behalf of government prime contractors and subcontractors. We’ve been at it since 2009 and have grown by referral to include many of the country’s largest defense contractors and their suppliers.


We provide on-demand analysis services for contractors both large and small.  We are sufficiently staffed to handle one-off projects or large numbers of reports with short lead-times.

Through our proprietary tools and systematic approach, final reports are published in 15-45 days from receipt of a compliant proposal, depending on complexity.  Compared to the DCMA (90-180 days) or our clients’ internal teams (60-120 days,) SpendLogic Analysis Services is the go-to solution when timelines are tight.

Cost Effective

We provide all of the benefits of hiring full-time cost analysts at a fraction of the cost. Consider this:  50-75% of the analysis process is typically spent waiting for supplier data.  With a full-time employee, you’re incurring salary and overhead costs the entire time.  With us, you only pay for the time spent working.  Our hourly rate is comparable to a burdened internal employee. Whether you need help in times of heavy workload, or need a team standing by to handle all of your analysis needs, SpendLogic Analysis Services is the most cost effective solution available.


Since launching in 2009, we have built a 100% success record in providing compliant reports.  This means that every one of our cost analysis reports have been determined compliant by the DCAA, DCMA, or government agency customers.
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