Commercial Items

Whether you’re on the “buy” or the “sell” side of the transaction, how you handle commercial items exposes your company to a significant amount of risk and you’ll want to get it right from the start. SpendLogic Analysis Services provides a range of support in this area.


We can teach your team how to conduct and document commercial item determinations or how to write commercial item assertions, depending on the need.  Our trainers will take your team through the rules and regulations and demonstrate proven strategies for getting it right the first time.


 SpendLogic (TM) is an online procurement documentation solution.  With the CID (commercial item determination) module in SpendLogic, you will be writing compliant commercial item assertions and determinations from Day One.

With a Turbo Tax-like interface that is kept up to date with the quickly-changing FAR, it’s appropriate for everyone from novice to industry veteran.

Furthermore, CIDs will be available throughout the company, alleviating the need to create new CIDs for every procurement.


SpendLogic Analysis Services experts are available to conduct commercial item assertions and determinations on your behalf.  Our services are available hourly or on a retainer basis and cost about the same as a burdened employee.  We have a 100% success rate with our commercial item assertions and typically complete these projects within a day or two.

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