SpendLogic helps document, substantiate, and store price analysis reports.  It accomplishes this the same way popular tax preparation software works:  by asking very specific questions and using responses to produce a final report.  It collects documentation as you go, so when a report is completed, it also includes all required attachments.

SpendLogic lets you start a new report from scratch or search, update, and re-use past reports.  The results are the same either way:  DCAA- and DCMA-compliant price analysis reports in a clean, simple, standardized format that are available throughout the organization.


Encrypted secure data transfer (FedRamp Ready)

Standardized methods and formats based on the FAR

Up-to-date guidance based on industry best practices

Access reports created by other users in your company


Built-in help modules and audit flags

Built-in escalation and improvement curve calculations

Automated monthly escalation index updates

Set company- and program-level permission settings


Store, update, and reuse past reports

Search and access saved reports and proposal documentation

Download completed reports to Word

Single Sign-On access (SAML 2.0)

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